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Full-stack course

Full-stack course will give you complete knowledge and skills both at front-end and back-end aspects. You will learn how to use most popular technologies:




HTML, CSS, Java Script, React




Classes take place every second week evenings, from Monday to Friday so you will be able to reconcile them with work or studies. In 12 weeks you will become junior developer, which can start career in IT industry. Last week of course is designed to create large project, which you can use in your portfolio.

If you already have knowledge in front-end and you would like to get familiar with back-end technologies or want to learn only front-end then contact us. It is possible to attend only to part of the course, but we need to determine individual conditions.

How do we teach?



Our groups contain no more than 10 persons, so mentor has a time to work individually with each student. You will also have opportunity to learn how to code in small teams.



Program is divided into parts followed by 6 milestones, which allow to track your progress. Last part of a course is a final project.



Every single line of code produced by you during course is saved to public repository, so you can easily use it as your portfolio while looking for first IT job.



Except classes your mentor is available every day on online messenger. We also provide additional consults on Saturdays, so you have another way to extend your skills.



6 weeks

Introduction to programming

You will learn about history of programming, possible career routes for developers considering techniques you will study during whole course. Mentor will help you to configure working environment, which you will use to write your applications.


Mentor will explain basics of HTML tags, you will be able to nest elements and extend them with attributes. Using HTML, you will create your first web page, then you will become familiar with browser’s built-in developer tools. Based on large social service you will check, how many files of different type are used to create modern web applications.


This part of our course will be focused on layout of web pages. Mentor will show you best styling practices with usage of CSS, which are commonly used to build great looking applications. You will also add external libraries to your projects.





During this part you will get familiar with basics of JavaScript, such as application lifetime, structures of data, loops and more commonly used components. Mentor will show you what DOM is and how to use AJAX to communicate with backend services. You will spend a lot of time to create various algorithms like sorting or searching and as a last step you will dive into more advanced techniques of JavaScript.


It is worth to write a code and share it with others. Everyday work of a developer very often requires using existing solutions and adapting them to your projects. jQuery is a light library that can simplify usage of JavaScript. You will use it to interact with DOM nodes and to send requests to back-end. It will allow you to choose if you prefer using clean JavaScript to obtain the same results.





React is one of most popular framework in IT world. It is created by Facebook developers and allow to build complex web applications, which will be built with your custom components. Each of those components will be responsible for different tasks so you will be also able to get familiar with software design patterns.


You will see how you can use JavaScript to build applications different then web pages. With support of mentor you will explore Node environment, which allows to run JavaScript code outside browser.



5 tygodni

Basics of C#

This part of a course allows you to get to know how to write a code responsible for logic of your applications. You will be taught principles of syntax, object-oriented programming rules and you will get skills, which you can use not only while creating web applications but also solutions built for other platforms.




Introduction to WebAPI

During first part of a course you were trying to send requests to services available in network – now you will be building those services. Mentor will explain basics of security and what to consider when planning applications accessible for every user of Internet. You will be using ASP.NET and MVC pattern, but you will be focused mainly on controllers denoted as ‘C’.


Every advanced system, that you will be working with, will be based on database. During this part of a course you will learn how to get and update data and how to create efficient structures. You will become familiar with various techniques of communication between your code and database. With usage of Entity Framework, you will also build model which fits MVC pattern.
Dowiesz się jak wygląda komunikacja z bazą danych, przy pomocy kodu C# oraz jak z pomocą Entity Framework stworzyć model wpisujący się we wzorzec MVC.





You will extend knowledge, gathered in previous classes, to build more advanced WebAPI. You will also get familiar with best practices, that should be used while creating complex solutions that will have access to your database. Another topic covered during this part will be views generated with Razor engine.



1 week


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Our course of full-stack development is designed both for beginners and for persons, who have basic knowledge and wants to systematize and extend skills.

To take a part in course you must:

  • have your own laptop,
  • pass initial conversation regarding usage of computer,
  • pass initial conversation regarding your predisposition to become a developer,
  • have basic knowledge of English language.

Except above requirement you only must want to become a developer. Don’t worry – during initial conversation we will check if you will be able to complete course, so you would be satisfied and ready to start career in IT. We will be requiring your hard work, but we will be also supporting you during every stage of this course.


Do you want to sign in to development course? Leave us your mobile or email address and we will call you or send you a message. We will provide detailed information about course and we will set up initial conversation, during which we will check your predisposition and answer your questions.

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